the best things to buy at the dollar store

I popped into Dollarama today quickly to pick up a few little things before our trip, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the great items they have in stock.  There are definitely a few great buys to be had and I really had to restrain myself with some of the things I found lol.

How cute is this snap top glass container?  These are really nice quality and have a little handle on the top as well.  They would be perfect for picnics, storing kombucha or juice, or using as pretty serving dishes.

I adore these little rope baskets (I have a serious basket addiction, just ask my poor husband lol).  I had to literally put these down and walk slowly away.  They were good quality and so cute!

This guy came home with me.  They are perfect for pantry corners, or at the back of the fridge.  I’m pretty sure these are similar to ones you can buy at BB&B, but a fraction of the price.

I LOVE these organizers.  I use them in my pantry to store baking sheets and they work perfectly!  They are really strong and durable, and only cost $3.  That’s crazy.

Another little item that I like (but literally have no use for) is this little serving tray.  It’s grippy on the top and bottom too.  I think it would be great for crafting or using with the kids in the summer time (carrying stuff outside, etc).

I’m a fan of the dollar store gardening supplies.  I picked up a few things last year and they were awesome.  They have wood/metal and plastic/metal tools, plus a huge selection of different things.  I highly recommend.

I love these gloves, and since gardening gloves get so mucky and dirty, it’s nice to have a cheaper pair that you can toss in the wash or whatever and not be too concerned about them.  The ones I have held up wonderfully as well… plus they’re so cute!

I was tempted to buy this little macrame hanging…

You cannot beat the dollar store for beach items you guys.  They have so many different things and they are all brightly coloured and quite durable.  Huge selection.

Into the beauty aisle, I don’t buy fancy bobby pins (are there fancy bobby pins?).  I don’t know where they disappear to, but I swear they walk up and leave in the middle of the night because I lose them all.the.time. When I need to restock I just hit up the dollar store.

I saw this and thought it seemed like a great buy.  You can find these at HomeSense or Bed Bath & Beyond, but they’re much more expensive and honestly, this dollar store one seemed to be really well made.

A great little purchase is this nail polish remover with the pump top for no spill.

I love these things lol.

Are these not adorable?  They are little wooden signs and so cute for spring/summer!

If you’re looking for colouring books/stickers, this is the place.  They have so many options!

Another pretty glass jar.  How cute are these little milk jars?  They have a screw on top and straw, plus that little chalkboard label?  Adorable.

I also had to put these down and walk away slowly.  I wanted all three!  They are a lovely enamel finish mug and are so stinkin’ cute.

The perfect little organizer for meal planning or as a house calendar.  Such a great buy.

Every spring I see these little wooden birdhouses and I always want to pick one up for M and I to craft.  Especially those little ones with the tin roof – honestly!  How sweet are they?

I love the dollar store’s label section.  They have so many lovely labels and these wooden chalkboard ones are great quality – the same sort of ones you would buy at Michael’s, but for a lot less.

I’m still thinking about those cute rope baskets and the little coffee mugs.  What do you guys think?  There are definitely gems to be found at the dollar store, but it’s a little like thrifting I find, you have to have time to do a little browsing and to not be deterred by ‘dollar store’, because there are some nice things.  Plus I love that they have started carrying different brands and have a bunch of cute wooden items.

What are your favourite things in this list?  ….Ummm and should I go back for those mugs?

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