Spring Updates In Our Kitchen

Spring Updates In Our Kitchen - Adding spring touches to your home - simple ways to decorate for spring | A Dash Of Mum Blog

This post is in collaboration by LeGrand January and February are cold months here, the temperatures have actually dipped to -50°c (seriously, what is even happening).  I have been in full on hibernation mode with the kids, and when I’m inside for that long, I start tinkering with things and redecorating. I made a few […]

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DIY Marble Utensil Crock

DIY Marble Utensil Crock | Make this easy marble crock in less than 5 minutes! - A Dash Of Mum Blog

I have been crushing on marble utensil crocks for sooo long and cannot find one for the life of me (that is under $50 because honestly, that’s crazy for a utensil crock).  So while I have my eyes open as I stalk Home Sense, I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY […]

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cute kitchen bar stool makeover

I talked about my kitchen bar stools a few months ago, back in December I think… anyway, I scored these three solid oak bar stools on kijiji for $25!  I was so excited because for some reason, these super dated light oak bar stools go for $100 each in stores.  Why? – I have no […]

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new year, new bar stool diy

I have been on the hunt for forever, looking for some counter height, solid wood bar stools.  I wanted something super inexpensive without a back.  After eagle-eyeing online ads, I picked up these three beauties for a grand total of $25! I had visions of a two toned, distressed look and since I was going […]

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glam gift ideas for the kitchen

I personally adore getting home decor and fun kitchen things as gifts.  The Le Creuset french oven has been on my lust list for-ever.  It’s so pretty, multi-functional and durable (and the price reflects that lol).  Plus how gorgeous is that pale pink?  Another lust item is the lovely rose gold flatware, so pretty! rose […]

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2 minute junk drawer organization

A quick share about our catch-all drawer here in the kitchen (aka The Junk Drawer).  This is the drawer in our house to hold pens, scissors, tape, paper, toothpicks, rogue coupons and lists, oven mitts, etc, etc, etc.  Just all the things that need to somewhat be close at hand but don’t have a definitive […]

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