nap training using the e.a.s.y. method

How to nap train your baby - We used the e.a.s.y method when nap training our 5 month old and it worked! Check out what we did and our progress in nap training | A Dash Of Mum Blog

Hey guys!  I shared on my insta stories a few weeks ago that I was going to start nap training my 5 month old.  She was normally a wonderful sleeper (lucky us!), but her naps had taken a nose dive and it was starting to affect her nighttime sleep.  I used the e.a.s.y. method with […]

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plans for the kid’s playroom

I’m so excited for this room!  I have some really fun ideas for our downstairs playroom and can’t wait for it to be finished.  I’m trying to use a lot of items we already have, as well as DIY’ing a bunch of things, so stay posted for those. Our basement is finished, however, it’s basically […]

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and baby makes four

I just wanted to pop in and say that our baby girl finally arrived ♥ I was induced 11 days past my due date (I was starting to feel like I would be pregnant forever haha).  She was born the evening of my induction at 11:36pm and we are all so in love with this little chunker. […]

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