Monday’s Lovely Spaces Start With… Fresh Dining Rooms

Monday's Lovely Spaces Start With... Fresh Dining Rooms | Dining room inspiration - scandinavian, cottage, beach house and traditional dining room styles | A Dash Of Mum Blog

I thought it would be fun to start a new series on my blog and feature some of my favourite photos from the week.  I recently started a hashtag on my Instagram (#mylovelyspaces) where I share some of my favourite accounts and pictures that I find inspiring.  I’m bringing my lovely spaces to the blog every Monday with Monday’s Lovely Spaces and will share home decor inspo. To kick off this week, I’m sharing some dining rooms that I love!

I’ve mentioned before in my ‘don’t make this designing mistake’ post how I accidentally rushed to purchase expensive items for my home after we moved in.  I’ve been lucky enough that I have sold the things I really disliked (like our living room rug) and the last thing on my list that rubbed me the wrong way was our dining room table.  We bought this online from this really nice furniture store.  The pieces were gorgeous, many handmade with dove tail joints and all solid wood.  I loved the rustic, planked top, however, this table was huge.  Way too big for our space I felt, plus the colour wasn’t what we thought it would be (it had a red tone to the wood and clashed with the colours in our house).  SO, I bid my time, eventually listed the table and finally found a couple who loved the colour and size and they bought it from us the other day.

Now I’m on the hunt for a dining room table we will love.  I can’t decide which direction I want to go and honestly I’m still trying to narrow down my design style.  Kiel and I lived in Norway a few years ago and I’ve always loved the Scandinavian style, so minimal and fresh yet incredibly cozy.  This dining room gives me the cozy feels and looks so inviting:

Beautiful Scandinavian designed dining room table - fresh and white | Dining Room Inspiration by A Dash Of Mum Blog


This dining room is the perfect mix of a bright and airy space while keeping it cozy with the faux fur throw and pops of greenery.

Gorgeous beach house dining room table with greenery and fresh white walls - a dash of mum blog


The mix of the metal chairs and warm wood table is so pretty – I love this modern farmhouse look (and I also adore this blogger!)

Modern farmhouse dining room table with wicker chairs and warm wood tones


How cozy and warm does this space feel?  I love the colour palette too.

Warm and cozy scandinavian designed dining room with soft grey wall - a dash of mum blog

source unknown

I’m really leaning towards a white wood table like this gorgeous one from Style At Home.  I’m not sure if I could convince my husband to go for all white though haha.

Perfect cottage dining room with white wood table and shaker style chairs - a dash of mum blog


Instead of going white on white, mixing a warm wood table with white shaker style chairs gives the perfect mix of cozy cottage.

White shaker style chairs and warm wood table for a perfect cozy dining room! - a dash of mum blog


What do you guy’s think? Here is our dining room area, I have a large window on one side which brings in lots of natural light, however we have dark cabinets and a dark tile accent in this room, so I’m thinking something light and bright!

Monday's Lovely Spaces Start With... Fresh Dining Rooms | Dining room inspiration - scandinavian, cottage, beach house and traditional dining room styles | A Dash Of Mum Blog

^^ our current table, it had more of a lighter cherry coloured wood tone than this picture shows and was huge.  The chairs were a little DIY as well and were also quite large.  I’m looking for something that will let this space breathe a bit and feels a bit lighter.  Suggestions?

Have a great day! Thanks for reading! ~ Megan

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