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I picked up some Ikea curtains last month with the intention of diy’ing them into a little something for our living room.  They were so inexpensive and cost me $14.99 for TWO panels.  That’s crazy.

Anyway, I wanted drapey, sheer curtains for our living room windows, and because toddlers, I really couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money on curtains that will probably end up with little peanut butter smears and drool on them.

(I really should steam them so they hang nicely lol)

To make these light and airy curtains, I used some curtain clips and three Vivan panels (one and a half packages).

Because my living room windows are quite tall, I had to add some length to the panels so they would be long enough to graze the floor.  A tip for hanging drapes is to hang them a few inches above the window frame.  Doing this adds height to the room and honestly makes such big difference.

I measured how much fabric I would need to add to each panel so they would be long enough to hang properly, then I added several more inches to make the curtain ‘ruffle’ on  top.  In total I added 15″ to each panel.  I also flipped the panels upside down so the thicker hem that was originally the top of the curtain, would now be the bottom.  It’s nice and heavy, so the curtains will hang better, plus it makes them look a little less ‘Ikea’.  I glued the extra fabric to the new ‘top’ (the end that was originally the bottom piece) on both panels and set aside.

I used a third panel for the extra fabric and used hot glue to adhere everything.  You could always sew these as well, but hot glue was easier, it is surprisingly strong and I like that this isn’t permanent (I might want to reuse these curtains in the future for something else).

I gave the curtain rings a coat of white spray paint…

…and looped them onto my curtain rods (I used 10 per panel).  Then I made a big fold/ruffle at the top of my curtain, and clipped the folded part to the curtain ring.  I did this with each curtain ring.  It’s hard to explain but you can see what I mean in the pictures…

I love how it turned out and I think this little hack makes these Ikea curtains look much nicer than a pair of $15 curtains.  I really do need to give them a quick steam to iron out the wrinkles, which, tbh, will probably never happen… 

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