how to remove sticky labels (chemical free!)

How To Remove Sticky Labels: This is the best trick for removing all kinds of stickers and sticky labels! The best part is it's found in your pantry + is chemical free! This works 100% of the time too! | A Dash Of Mum Blog

I will never understand why companies glue on labels like it’s the end-all of their product.   It’s so annoying to buy something, try to take off the label that’s been glued across the front and have half of it rip, leaving an ugly paper smear.  It drives me nuts!  I have my methods though, and I had to share my favourite ways to easily remove all types of stickers and labels from whatever you have at home.  These work 100% of the time!

If you have a bottle or something small that has a stubborn sticker, soak it in hot water for a little bit and the label should rub right off after the glue has been in the water.

My second method is to use rubbing alcohol!  This works great to cut through that glue and helps remove any excess residue as well.  I soak a small corner of a cloth and rub it on, working through the leftover label.

If that doesn’t work or it is a stubborn label (sometimes they aren’t just a glue but a sticky, tacky adhesive, like on a dish soap bottle), this is my go to and it always works for me.  I used this method on a little tin that I’m going to be making over.  The label wasn’t coming off in one piece, so I soaked it in water, scraped off what I could and turned to my old favourite: olive oil (any cooking oil will do though).

Spray some on over the remaining label and rub in to make sure it is coated, then let it sit for a while.  I will leave it for a few hours or if I do this in the evening, over night.

The oil cuts through the glue, making it so easy to rub it off with your fingers.  I just rub in circles until it’s all removed and then wash with a little soap and water to get rid of the oil residue.  This will always work (at least it has for me) and who doesn’t have oil in their house?

Hope this can help you at some point!  I love to reuse items and always remove the labels, I’ve done this with our Method soap pump in our kitchen (such a stubborn label), the foaming pumps in the kid’s bathroom, on wine bottles, pretty candle jars, etc.

Cheers! Megan

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