diy succulent wreath with an embroidery hoop

Make this beautiful, minimalistic wreath from an embroidery hoop and faux succulents // A Dash of Mum Blog // DIY Succulent Wreath From An Embroidery Hoop

I love the look of this minimalist, simple succulent wreath.  DIY wreaths are some of my favourite because they are so customizable and can really be anything.  This was my first try making one from an embroidery hoop, but I seriously love it!

To make this, I used several faux succulents and some faux greenery, floral tape, stain, a large embroidery hoop, ribbon and a hot glue gun.

First, separate the embroidery hoop rings, you only need to use the one.  Then stain the hoop and let it dry outside for a few minutes.  Clip off any stems on the succulents and play around with how you want everything to lay before glueing.  I wanted mine to be a little off center.

Once you have everything laid out, start glueing it all on.  I glued the greenery on first, then wrapped floral tape around all of the stems to hide the glue.  Every few wraps, I added a dot of glue to secure it nicely as well.

  Then I glued the succulents on.  Use lots of glue on the succulent backs and hold in place until set.  Next, I added the ribbon, making a little ribbon pocket on the back for the command hook I used to hang the wreath with.  I just glued a small strip of ribbon across the back.

I love how this DIY turned out, it’s a beautiful, minimalistic wreath that brings the prettiest touch of green to our door.

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  1. This is a lovely DIY project! I’ve got loads of embroidery hoops and I use them for everything but embroidery. I tried it but I don’t have the patience lol. I would love to know where I can locate greenery like that here in Northern Ireland. Gotta run off to google now. Going to pin it too 🙂

    1. Thanks Claire! I’m the same way too haha, lots of things to DO embroidery but I don’t use any of them for actual embroidery lol! I bought my succulents from different places: the dollar store, grocery store and our big craft store here in Canada, Michael’s. The greenery was from a little garland I picked up from the dollar store ages ago too, it’s made appearances in a few of my DIYs haha. Thanks for reading!

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