costco favourites – 8 things you should buy from costco (and 4 things you shouldn’t)

Who loves Costco!!  #raisesbothhands

I have my favourite pantry staples that I always pick up there and they are definitely my must-have items.  I find that with Costco, you can get some great deals and some different products, however, things like fruit and cereal are priced way higher than what you would pay at the regular grocery store.  So I’m sharing my favourite Costco items (plus things you should avoid).

Organic Spinach/Lettuce

I really only purchase my spinach at Costco – it’s more than half the price that a grocery store charges!  And it’s organic.


Since I’m already at Costco picking up spinach, I grab milk for the family too.  The milk is cheaper by 50¢ – $1, so I don’t go out of my way to buy it there, but if you’re at the store then it’s a good time to pick up what you need.  Same with coffee cream/whipped cream, those are almost half the price at Costco.

Organic Eggs

You can get a little less than 2 dozen and it’s a great price compared to the grocery store.


Love the Costco wraps and their whole wheat ones are a staple at our house.  They come in a huge bag, separated into two smaller ones (freeze one and use the other) and are always really fresh and soft.


Costco chicken breasts are a great price, same with the organic chicken they sell.  I also love buying the huge roasts (it’s like $25 for two huge ones) and again, I freeze one and usually crockpot the other.  We also love their chicken thighs and spicy sausages (I think there’s 12 large ones in a pack for $10 or so).  Regarding fish, I’m personally not a fan of what Costco sells, it’s usually farmed salmon (which is no bueno).

Frozen Berries

Such a good buy!  You can get huge bags of organic berries for a fraction what you would pay at the grocery store.  The organic strawberries are some of our favourite and the flavour is amazing (they actually taste like fresh strawberries that have been frozen).


You guys, Costco pies are a thing of beauty.  They are so stinkin good!  Realistically though, all of their desserts are amazing.  They sell delicious croissants, yummy squares and the tarts/crumbles are amazing.  The one item I really wasn’t a fan of was the strawberry rhubarb pie.  I found it to be very artificial tasting and not nearly enough tart rhubarb.  So two thumbs down for that, but everything else has been fantastic.  Also, the pies are HUGE and they are $13 or something.  It’s crazy.

Razor Refills

I stock up on the Intuitions for myself and the Mach 3’s for Kiel.  Great prices! (Plus they go on sale every now and then so stock up when they do.)

Now for the things that I don’t recommend buying from there…


Like I said before, their cereal prices are actually quite a bit more than what you would spend at the grocery store (unless you find some on sale).


I’m not sure why, but Costco fruit is priced much higher than anywhere else (I’ve found at least).  It’s not even the specific organic fruit, just everything.  I usually purchase my fruit and veggies elsewhere.

Toilet Paper

A few things here; I hate that Costco individually wraps each roll before packaging.  It’s such a waste of plastic, but aside from that, it’s not even that great of a price.  I say get the good stuff at the grocery store and for less money.


That’s not to say that I don’t still buy it there every now and then (the honey greek yogurt they sell is to die for), but it’s still more expensive than picking up my normal greek yogurt at Safeway.  So I usually pick some up during my regular shop.

Do you guys have any favourite buys or things that I’m missing out on?  I love when Costco gets new products in and if you guys like this sort of thing, let me know in the comments below and I can do favourite buys from different stores that I frequent 🙂  Have a great day!

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  1. You nailed it! I like to buy my dates, coconut oil, Dave’s Killer bread, organic jam, and nuts from Costco. It really is one of those stores where you need to know your prices, and take the time to break them down because they can look like a good deal and end up costing you more. 🙂

  2. I don’t really shop at Costco, but if I did I would definitely buy the dessert for if a friend of mine had a birthday coming up (ie..birthday cake) and maybe the berries too.

  3. I like shopping in wholesale shops for house hold stuffs, but here in India it’s difficult due to the FDI stance of the government. We don’t have a Walmart or Costco for customers!!

    1. Thanks for reading! Do you have any sorts of wholesale shops in India that are similar? I haven’t been able to travel there and I always love grocery shopping in different countries and seeing the different stores and markets 🙂

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