DIY Heirloom Painted Pumpkins (Dollar Store DIY)

Make these beautiful DIY (Dollar Store) heirloom pumpkins for only a few dollars! | Dollar Store DIY + Easy DIY Fall Decor! - A Dash Of Mum Blog

I went out looking for pumpkins the other day and couldn’t find any – in fact, the cashier at one of the grocery stores I checked was like “pumpkins in September, that’s crazy! It’s so early!” *and gave me side eye*, um girl, don’t you know the minute pumpkin spice lattes are out and it’s […]

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Upcycled DIY Hanging Picture Display

Make this easy upcycled DIY hanging photo display | Rustic DIY Hanging Photo Display - A Dash of Mum Blog

A few months ago I fiiiiinally got around to booking some family photos and they turned out so great! I’m loving my sweet boy’s grumpy face – he was not a fan of photos, felt really shy (he told me later) and even when we could to get him to crack a smile, he was […]

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5 beautiful farmhouse inspired fall diys for your home

Farmhouse Inspired Rustic Fall DIYs for your home - Fall crafts to decorate your home in Autumn

Fall is quickly becoming my favourite season – I love everything about it!  It’s so fun and refreshing to add some rustic, fall inspired decor to my home after the bright and colourful summer months, and I love the cozy blankets, pillows and layers that get added.  I have some of the prettiest fall inspired […]

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diy fuzzy faux fur stool (for under $20)

The cutest DIY faux fur stool you've ever made AND it cost less than $20 and takes under half an hour to make! I love how it turned out - a high end vs. low end dupe! - By A Dash Of Mum Blog (home decor, DIYs, and motherhood blog)

I make no secret of my love for Home Sense, and the other day while I was browsing through the store, I came across this pretty little stool.  I loved the gold legs and cute fuzzy top, but wasn’t loving the $70 price tag.  Especially since I had a stool at home that has been […]

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how to remove sticky labels (chemical free!)

How To Remove Sticky Labels: This is the best trick for removing all kinds of stickers and sticky labels! The best part is it's found in your pantry + is chemical free! This works 100% of the time too! | A Dash Of Mum Blog

I will never understand why companies glue on labels like it’s the end-all of their product.   It’s so annoying to buy something, try to take off the label that’s been glued across the front and have half of it rip, leaving an ugly paper smear.  It drives me nuts!  I have my methods though, and […]

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