Five Free 2018 Calendar Printables

Five Free 2018 Calendar Printables | A Dash Of Mum Blog | Beautiful and Free 2018 Calendars!

Happy 2018!!  Did you have a great Christmas? Tell me it went by as fast for you as it did for me – I feel like when I was younger, Christmas day lasted sooo long.  Like you could wake up, take forever going through the stocking, snack, play, wake the parent’s up, open presents, eat […]

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Simple Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hack

Makeover the Ikea Duktig play kitchen with this simple DIY by A Dash of Mum Blog - so cute and easy to update!

Okay, not really a hack actually, but I wasn’t sure what to call this. My son’s little Ikea play kitchen is well loved and used daily, we keep it in our (tiny) living room tucked in the corner.  Now that it’s the holidays, our tree will be set up in that corner and I have […]

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easy mason jar diy

I decided to spruce up my bathroom vanity today with this easy diy.  I had everything on hand too, so this project was free *yay* Currently, our bathroom counter looks like this: It’s just cluttered looking and everything is sort of laying in the tray haphazardly. I rounded up a few mason jars that were […]

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2 minute junk drawer organization

A quick share about our catch-all drawer here in the kitchen (aka The Junk Drawer).  This is the drawer in our house to hold pens, scissors, tape, paper, toothpicks, rogue coupons and lists, oven mitts, etc, etc, etc.  Just all the things that need to somewhat be close at hand but don’t have a definitive […]

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