the best and worst of: 2 to 2.5 years of age

I read this article on hello bee about favourite things at certain ages and it got me thinking; what were my favourite things about this new and exciting time for Mr. M?  He’s currently 26 months old and is a full. on. toddler.  

My little guy is changing so much and it’s so fascinating to watch him play and see what he comes up with on his own (also a little heart breaking because my baby is growing up so fast!)


M is talking so much now and coming up with tons of new words each day, he’s like a little sponge!  This is so amazing for me to watch because it was only in January that he could only say Mama and Dada.  Plus, being able to talk with him is amazing.

Along with the talking has come singing – it’s so sweet to hear his little voice sing the abc’s with me or twinkle twinkle during bedtime.

His imaginative play is crazy – he makes his little animal crackers walk and ‘drink water’, will play kitchen and ‘bake’ with me – I love it so, so much!

He has become very independent.  He likes to pick out clothes, do things himself and I can ask him to get me a diaper for L or something and he will.  Such a big help to me plus he’s so proud to be helping too.

He’s interested in tv shows.  We don’t’ do a lot of screen time in our house, but now that he’s found two shows he loves, turning on a little Daniel Tiger or Bob the Builder while I make dinner has become a lifesaver.  Plus it’s adorable when he goes and grabs his drill to sit and watch Bob build things.


Ahh those tantrums!  They are something else… M wasn’t a big tantrumer until he literally turned two.  Then big emotions came out to play and trying to navigate them is so difficult.

He learned how to say no.  Haha this one makes me laugh sometimes but honestly, having him exert his own opinions about everything is great, until he’s grumpy and everything is a ‘no’.

 Because he’s so independent and wants to do things himself, trying to get us ready and out the door takes foooorever.  You guys, for a kid who can do 10 laps around the dinner table in 45 seconds, he takes his sweet ass time getting mittens on haha.

For those of you with kiddos, what are your favourite things about them at their current age?  Share below!
~ Megan

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