make your own vanilla extract

And all you will need are two things! I made some homemade vanilla extract this year (some for myself and some as a gift) and love how it turned out.  It’s incredibly easy and incredibly inexpensive.  You will need vanilla beans and vodka (not the cheapest one you can find, something low-mid range would work […]

sugar cookie bars

I love baking with my little monkey so much, I think it’s a great learning experience for him plus we always have a blast when we’re in the kitchen together, it’s one of the things I hope to pass along to my children.  So far, so good, because the minute I’m in the kitchen getting […]

healthy chocolate chip muffins

It’s been a snow filled couple of days in my hometown, so I nested inside our house with M, playing and relaxing… and gorging on these delicious (yet somehow healthy) muffins.  I whipped up this recipe on a whim in the afternoon, after spying the box of All Bran that my father in law had left […]