skiphop duo deluxe diaper bag review

An honest review of the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag - My pros and cons list and a must read if you're diaper bag shopping! // A Dash of Mum Blog

When I was researching diaper bags, I remember taking so much into consideration – purchasing baby gear, whether it’s strollers, diaper bags or high chairs, it’s a big undertaking haha.  There is so much to choose from and so many options!  I also found that it was actually hard to find legit reviews of products that weren’t sponsored posts.  I love real reviews and real pros and cons lists, give me all the honesty!  So whenever I review products, I keep that in mind (whether I’m given something or I bought it myself – and 9 times out of 10 I purchased it myself because #nooneknowswhoIam haha).

Anyways, I’ve been using this Skip Hop deluxe diaper bag for two years now and thought I would give my two cents and what I love and don’t love about it.

In no particular order, my favourite things about the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag…

// There are two large pockets on the top of the bag with zippers.

Both are large, although one is a little smaller and both have an easy to wipe out lining.

// The diaper bag comes with stroller straps!  I love this feature and they are easily accessible on each side of the bag with large buckles.

// I am 5’6″ and my husband is a full foot taller at 6’6″.  I love that this bag fits both of us by using the adjustable strap.  The strap also has a cushy pillow for comfort too.

// There are two front pockets (large enough for a bottle, but I put my keys, sunglasses and phone in one pouch and a notepad and pen in the other).  They have a magnetic closure as well.

// Inside is roomy with a few pockets for diapers and wipes, plus smaller pockets on each side (although tbh I don’t use those and kind of forget that they are there).

// The straps are all easily removed for whatever reason.

// The bag comes with a changing pad that is stored in a back pocket (also a large pocket and you could store other items in there as well).

// There’s a mesh bottle outside pocket on one side with a toggle to tighten, as well as a ‘cell phone’ pocket on the other side of the bag – although it’s teeny and no cell phone that isn’t a nokia would fit in there lol, it has a velcro closure as well.

// The bag is wipeable on the inside and is made with a super durable outside fabric that wipes off easily as well.  I haven’t washed the bag with soap and water yet though, I haven’t had too.

What I don’t like…

I’m not a fan of the messenger style bag now, and I’m actually looking for a backpack style diaper bag.  I find that when I have this bag jam packed (which, now that I have two kids, it’s always jam packed), it can really pull on my shoulder and gets super uncomfortable.  Plus if I wear Lo on the front, this thing is a total pain to carry.

I wish the inside wasn’t as narrow as it is.  I like a bag with more organizational pockets and spots that I can neatly tuck items away.

When I originally bought this bag, it was neutral so that both Kiel and I could use it.  Which is great because it’s perfect for men as well.  But, I carry this thing around every. single. day.  I wish it was a bit more ‘me’ and cuter than it is.  I want more of a purse/diaper bag. 🙂

Those tiny inside side pockets I told you about, totally useless.  I don’t know what you could put in there – pens?  Lol.

Lastly, I wish that this bag had an actual zipper closure on the top, instead of the magnetic closure.  If it tips over, then everything will fall out (which hasn’t happened yet, but still).

I hope this review helped you in some way – like I said, I know how much I appreciate honest reviews and actual pros and cons lists, so I tried to provide that here.  Let me know if you enjoy reading posts like this!  Thanks for stopping in!

–  Megan

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