my daily routine with a newborn + two year old

** I wrote this around 2 weeks ago and didn’t get around to publishing lol **

My sweet little L is just over four weeks old, and we’ve been slowly adjusting to our new normal. I was so lucky to have had family staying with us on and off the first couple of weeks after she was born, plus Kiel was able to take some time off for paternity leave. Then family went home and Kiel went back to work and it was just me and the kiddos (Kiel was working on location, so it’s me 24/7 too). Since it’s the three of us day and night, we’ve managed to carve out a little routine that I thought I would share (I’m not sure if this is actually interesting to anyone haha, but I love having these little life snippets to look back on, so I’m posting this anyways lol).

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

5:30/6 am – Babygirl (or L) wakes up, she nurses for 45 minutes to an hour.  I usually message with Kiel, check my instagram, etc.

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

6:30 – Coffee is on! (I’m obsessed with this little Keurig brewer! It tastes just like a cup of drip brew coffee).

daily routine with toddler & newborn

L hangs out in her chair on the counter while I get breakfast started.  We’re big breakfast people and like to eat early 🙂  This particular morning I made french toast for Bear (or M) and I, with a side of fresh blueberries.

7 – Bear wakes up, I get him a fresh water, turn on a pvr’d Daniel Tiger (it’s either that or Sesame Street) and let him wake up a bit while I finish getting his breakfast ready.  He likes to snuggle on the couch with a book and watch his show.

7:30 – We all eat breakfast together, usually Bear and I will eat the same thing and usually L nurses again at this time.

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

After breakfast, Bear plays with his toys while I clean up dishes and tidy the kitchen.  We also head upstairs at some point to get ready for the day.  L nurses again and then has a nap.

10 – Usually snack time for Bear, something like applesauce and pb rice cakes or cheese and crackers.

10:30 – If we’re not meeting up for play dates or heading out, then I like for us to get some fresh air, so we’ve been going for a morning walk (with L in the bassinet and Bear walking, L gets a quick nurse in before we go). We collect ice chunks, go look at the construction trucks in our neighbourhood and get the mail.

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

11:30 – Back from our walk, I like to feed Bear lunch before he heads down for his nap.  Today was a crazier day, the toddler tantrums were in full swing so lunch was an easy peanut butter & banana sandwich.  Then all three of us went upstairs, where I read Bear a few books.

12 – I feed L on and off for a bit (she seems to be clusterfeeding around this time lately) and turn on some terrible pvr’d reality tv *sigh h e l l o Vanderpump Rules #cantquityou*  When L finally falls asleep, I tuck her into the mamaroo and start on some laundry because there’s always laundry to do, try and prep anything needed for dinner or work on any projects I have half finished around the house.  I just finished up a blanket ladder I made a while ago.  I had to sand it all down and restain it, so it’s finally done *yay*!

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

2:30 – Bear wakes up from his nap and has a snack right away.  Usually some crackers, a smoothie or some fruit.  I’ve been trying out some different crafts/activities with him.  He’s a little older now and all the fun things I’ve been pinning away actually interest him 🙂  This watercolour art we made was a big hit, same with our homemade play doh.

adorable valentine's day craft for toddlers + kids | A Dash of Mum

4:30 – I get dinner started because I like to have us eating at 5 pm or shortly after (we’re grannies around here and eat super early lol).  L hangs out in her chair on the counter while I cook, or else I’ll tuck her into the K’tan carrier (love this btw).  She usually nurses on and off during this time too.

5 – Dinner time! I help Bear tidy up his toys, tuck L into her chair on the table facing us and then we all eat together.  After dinner, I clean up any dishes while Bear plays and runs around.  He gets this crazy energy spurt after dinner, and will literally run around like a maniac haha.  If it’s nice out, then right after dinner we will go for a short walk.

6:30/7 – We start heading upstairs, where Bear takes a bath.  Every other night, I bathe Babygirl in the sink in their bathroom.  I like to add a little epsom salts and lavender essential oil to his bath sometimes too.  Depending on the night, baths can take 20-30 minutes (this kid loves his bath time).  After L is dressed again, I nurse her in the bathroom while watching Bear play.

Post bath, we snuggle up together, L is on & off the boob during this time and Jersey wanders in usually for a scratch.  I lay L down after story-time, turn off the lights and turn the sound machine on (this is the one we use – it’s amazing).  Bear and I have a cuddle and we sing a few songs, then he’s tucked in and Babygirl and I leave.

our daily routine with toddler & newborn | A Dash of Mum Blog

7:30 – L nurses a little more and has naps in between.  She might sleep for an hour give or take, so I duck upstairs to get pj’s on and get ready for bed (or we both head upstairs and I get a shower in).

9:30 – We head upstairs and I change L into some pj’s.  She nurses again and falls asleep on the boob lol, then she’s out like a light.  I’ll nurse her one last time around 11 (a dream feed since she’s half asleep).  I give her a good swaddle (the SwaddleMe swaddles are my favourite) and lay her down in the bassinet beside our bed.  Sometimes she wakes up around 3am to nurse, sometimes she will sleep until 5:30/6am (yay me!).


Did I lose any of you??  Lol!  This is our day in a nutshell when Kiel’s away working.  Some days are insanely hard and no one takes their naps or there are 20 tantrums before noon and I want to give myself a time out just to get 5 minutes of quiet haha #momlife.  It’s fun and crazy and I know that these days really don’t last, so I try and soak up all the moments, good and bad.

What does your routine look like?  Share in the comments below – I would love to hear how other moms go about their day 😀  Thanks for stopping in!

~ Megan

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