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Christmas is less than a month away!!  So exciting!  This is my favourite time of the year, double-y so since M was born just after the holidays and now my second is due shortly after Christmas as well.

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog

Around the house we’ve been busy trying to get all the things that have been pushed to the side finished up.  One of the bigger ‘to-do’s’ was finishing painting our main level.  We had a ton of patching and taping to do, since there were a bunch of cracks that needed to be taken care of before we painted.  I think it’s due to the location where our home was built (softer, moister land), because our home was only 2 years old when we bought it.  So the original builders did us a huge favour and fixed all of the cracks at no charge.  We’re not under warranty for that sort of thing anymore, so it was really nice of them to do that.

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog^ just a tiny bit of an eyesore

We did a little shopping around to find a painter to help with the insanely tall ceiling we have in our entry way.  No way are we dealing with that ourselves lol.  We’re hoping to have our main level painted this coming month and then we can cross that off our list.  I’m dying to get rid of the white patches that dot our house, most have been here since just after we moved in.

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog

Regarding the nursery, this glider arrived a few days ago and I can’t wait to put it together!  It’s extra wide~ perfect for snuggles with both of our kiddos.  Kiel lugged this giant box up the stairs and now we just need to build it (and we should probably get one that).  I’m also building some shelves for the nursery, but I can’t decide which part of the room I would like them in… I have literally changed everything in M’s room like 10 times, so I’m hesitant to put up something so… concrete lol.  I need to love where it will be and I have a serious case of indecisiveness.

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog^ just yikes.  Thinking shelves will go in the corner beside the window?  Or near the closet…

I’m 35+ weeks now!  What the what??  I can’t believe I’m going to be a momma of two!  I feel a bit more ready for it, at the same totally unprepared lol.  I’m squirrelling away a bunch of freezer meals, I think I will share those in another post for you guys.  That was one of my favourite prep things that I did before I had M.  Having  healthy meals ready to cook was a lifesaver in those first few weeks.

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog

life lately... | A Dash of Mum Lifestyle Blog^one of the meals are these easy black bean, quinoa + veg burritos: a scoop of cooked quinoa, some mashed black beans, chopped peppers or whatever you have on hand, and a little shredded cheese on a flax wrap.  Roll up and wrap in foil, then heat for a few minutes in the microwave (remove foil first lol) or around 10 minutes in the stove

I’m also going to be looking up pre-natal ‘classes’ on youtube to prep Kiel & I, since his work schedule doesn’t allow us to do the typical pre-natal courses.  Anyone have any that they love? Share in the comments if you do 🙂

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  1. Eeek!! I cannot wait to visit and see the baby girls room <3 also your freezer meals, can you tag me in the post so I can have it on hand in case I get clients that are expecting and need some inspo <3

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