five quick things // September

  1. I love morning walks in the fall, and where I live, apparently as soon as September 1st hits, IT’S FALL.  I think this winter will be an early (and cold) one because I wore gloves out PLUS had Bear covered in a fleecy blanket, and we were still chilled.  It’s the first week of September people #livinginthenorth
  2. I finally printed off all of Bear’s baby pictures and I’m on the search for some photo albums to put them in, any ideas where to buy them?  Also Costco has the best prices when it comes to printing off photos, by far (12¢ a photo).
  3. Kiel and I are narrowing down paint colours for the baby’s room, I’m leaning towards a cream colour – something nice and bright since we have darker brown carpets throughout the house.  I’ll share our paint samples when we pick them up.
  4. Baby quirks are the funniest: Bear loves bananas, but only if I leave it in the peel and he can hold it and eat it himself.  He doesn’t like it taken out of the peel, on toast or sliced up in anything.  Bizarre lol.
  5. Also his hair is coming in!

Over 200 pictures of my little man (tears may have been shed while I looked through them all #momfeels)

five things

Walking in the afternoon sun bundled up (see those fuzzy baby hairs ♥):

five things

Five + a half months – woo!

five things

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