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five quick things with A Dash of Mum // Califia Farms Iced Coffee - pierced ears - San Diego with a toddler + infant - BBG Kayla Guide - growing succulents

It’s been a while since I shared five quick things!

#1 // My baby girl got her ears pierced!  It might sound crazy to some (she was 4.5 months when my mom and I took her to get it done), but piercing her ears while she’s so young makes it so much easier to care for them.  She doesn’t touch them or anything and I can easily clean them several times a day until they heal up.  Plus,  I had mine done when I was 2 months old and much prefer it that way because when I pierced a second hole in my ears at 15, it was way more nerve-wracking haha.

#2 // We went on our first vacation as a family of four in April!  We spent a week in San Diego and met up with Kiel’s family for a sunny vacation.  It was awesome and I’m working on a post about that and some fun things to do with young kids while in San Diego.

^ do you think I could actually get a pic of all four of us though? Lol

#3 // I’ve become a plant mama!  Formally a black thumb gardener, I’ve been trying to learn how to keep my little plant babies alive.  I talked to our local greenhouse employees about everything and so far all their advice has been working – no weird bugs breeding in the plant soil (gross) and nothing has died yet – my bar is so low here so both of these things are huge successes for me hah!

#4 // I started working out and doing the BBG (bikini body guide).  It’s an awesome workout and I was doing so good, and then we went on a vacation, and then my kid’s didn’t sleep and then I completely derailed my routine.  Sigh.  I thought I would share because working out with a baby and toddler who are on two totally different schedules is hard!  Any tips, please share in the comments below!

#5 // I found my new favourite iced coffee!  You have to try this brand, Califia Farms.  I think only one spot in our town stocks this coffee and it’s constantly sold out.  It’s so delicious and creamy and comes in a few different flavours – you can thank me later! 😉

Have a great day + thanks for stopping by!

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