five quick things // December

Happy holidays you guys!  I hope your Christmas was full of love and laughter ♥  We spent our Christmas at home, relaxing with just the 3 of us (no baby girl yet!)

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

1//  Our baby girl is due Dec 31st and she’s growing lots and moving a ton (those are my ribs little one!) and I’m no longer sleeping well at night… although I’m blaming my poor hubby on that lol.  He’s not even making much noise (basically just breathing lol), but for some reason I wake up around 4am and can’t get back to sleep with him there.  Any other preggo moms deal with this?  He was down in our spare room (and I slept like a rock), but with family staying with us, he’s back upstairs and I’m back to lurking around the house at 5am making toast lol.

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

2//  Christmas was perfect this year.  It was really quiet and just the three of us (Kiel, myself and M), and we didn’t do a Christmas ‘dinner’, or have anything planned… but it was so cozy and wonderful.  We spent Christmas Eve snuggled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets watching mini Christmas movies.  Having our munchkin snuggled in between us, with the Christmas lights twinkling… that was perfect to me.  Christmas morning M slept in!  He finally woke up around 8am and was so excited when he saw all of the gifts!  We had a big breakfast together and spent hours slowly opening up gifts and playing with everything.  It was honestly, just perfect.

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum^ M’s favourite gift was definitely all the construction trucks he received… my favourite gift of his was Steven Parker the Cabbage Patch Doll lol!  I was just filling out his adoption papers here ♥ #sodamncute

3//  I’ve finished up our baby girl’s nursery, and will be sharing it in another post… but here’s a little peek 🙂

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

4//  Just sharing a really nice thing someone did for me a few weeks ago:

I was driving M and I home from an eye exam I had, and stopped at our mailbox to quickly grab the mail on the way home.  My vehicle wouldn’t turn back on though after only being off for about 30 seconds!  It was turning over but not starting.  Cue my panic, since it was -30°c out.  I popped the hood, at 9 months pregnant and was tinkering around thinking the battery cables were possibly a little loose (they weren’t).  Several people drove by and didn’t ask if I needed help (which, fine, whatever :-/) and then this couple (a really sweet mom & dad) pulled over and asked if I was broken down.  Long story short, they ended up driving my son and I to three different places near us, looking for gas line antifreeze to put in my truck (which the man thought would fix the issue).  They refused to let me pay for it, drove us back to my truck, and made sure that it would start up before leaving us there.  They were SO NICE.  Really wonderful, friendly people.  They are from PEI and visiting their kids, who live just a few blocks from us (Kiel and I dropped off a poinsettia and thank you card a few days later and the man said ‘he couldn’t accept it since he just did what people should do’, I mean, such a sweet guy.  We did give him the plant and card though lol, I wasn’t taking it back with me).  They were really incredibly nice people and I couldn’t believe how far they went out of their way to help me out. *warm fuzzies*

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

5//  My sister is coming to visit!  She hasn’t been to our place since she moved out last spring and I’m so excited for her to be here… if you follow me on instagram, I’m forewarning you that her and I will be blowing up my feed 😀

five quick things in December | A Dash of Mum

How was your Christmas?  Did you have a quiet holiday or spend the season with loads of family?
~ xx Megan

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