five quick (pregnancy) things // November

I have this bizarre feeling that this baby is going to come early, I can’t explain it but it’s been a feeling for the last few weeks.  So I’m trying to get my ducks in a row and have everything ready just in case.

Anyways, I’m just over 8 months and pinching myself.  I feel like this baby bump has popped out of nowhere and the finish line is in sight! #wheredidthetimego??

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

#1 // I went in for a 3rd trimester ultrasound about 3 weeks ago (my ob suggested it because my fundal measurements were several weeks behind – but Bear was a small baby too, so who knows).  It was so neat to see the baby so developed!  Almost like a 3D ultrasound.  I saw her beautiful little face and apparently she’s transverse (she’s now flipped head down), so laying right across my belly!  And her little legs stretch right down on top of my bladder, hence the constant pressure I feel.  And the kicks to my bladder all day lol.  Seeing our little girl put me at ease & our next checkup we were told everything was great, she was growing & healthy 🙂

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum^at the Doctor’s office (ps this whole office is pepto-bismal pink, it’s so weird lol)

#2 // I need to book a family photo shoot while the weather is still decent (it was +14 the other day.  IN NOVEMBER!)  There’s snow on the ground now, but it’s still around the -5 mark (I say that because -20 is a normal winter temperature and it can actually drop to -30 or -40, so currently it’s not that bad lol).  I would love to have some pictures of us, while it’s still the 3 of us, plus a few maternity ones as well.  In the meantime, I’m so happy my sister snapped a few of me while strolling around her neighbourhood.  It was chilly af, hence the heavy winter coat lol.  (ps, if you’re looking for an amazing holistic nutritionist/cook -she’s in Calgary)

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

#3 // My lovely friend gifted me the cutest baby swaddle + bow!  How adorable is this?  It cocoons right up around the baby, so she’ll be all cozy and in a nook.  I can’t wait to use it (it’s from Mint + Arrows, they have sweetest baby things!)

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

#4 // The last few weeks during naptime have been dedicated to baby projects & crafting.  I made a really cute fabric garland for Bear’s room (I shared that here), along with a cute diy dream catcher that I’m working on.

diy ribbon dream catcher |easy nursery decor| by A Dash of Mum^trimming ribbon for the dream catcher

#5 // I’m working on packing my hospital bag as well.  I remember I planned and organized my last hospital bag to a T, and it turned out I didn’t need half of it or I didn’t bring enough of the items I did need.  So I’m paring down the list and I think I’ll pack two small bags instead: 1 for my normal hospital/birthing stay, and the 2nd is for an extended stay (M was in NICU for a few days post-birth so Kiel and I were at the hospital for a total of 4 or 5 days).  The second bag will stay in the truck unless we need it.  Any tips for must-have items??

five quick (pregnancy related) things | A Dash Of Mum

~ xo Megan

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