easter basket ideas for toddlers + babies

Easter is just a few days away, and while my little ones are a touch to young to really understand the meaning behind the day – my 2 year old is game for all the frivolous fun and candy that comes with it lol.  We celebrated Easter a few days early with my kids, since my husband would be away working on the actual day.  We planned a little egg hunt and hid a few fun treats for the kids (although it was up to my toddler to find everything, including his little sister’s basket – which he l o v e d!)

For my two year old, I picked up some paint-with-water-books, a chocolate bunny (because every basket needs a little chocolate), some water sponges, a book, stickers, socks, mini trucks, bunny fork & knife, a cute cup with straw and some fruit snacks.  I also found a cute bowl/plate/utensil set that I knew M would love.

For my daughter, I kept it really small (she’s 3 months old), we bought her a cute ladybug shirt, a soft stuffy and some books to read to her.

I made two little baskets stuffed with these items and I hid them on our main floor for M to find.  I also took a bunch of plastic eggs and filled them gummies, graham fish and other small treats like that.  M loved to search for the treats and had a blast doing so.  Now he keeps asking to find the ‘eggs’ haha.

Other great non-candy ideas for Easter baskets would be little gardening items, bubbles, bath crayons, fizzy bath bombs, juice box, crayons, colouring books, a new hat… things like that.  I’m loving all these holidays so much now that I have kids, it really is so much fun as a parent celebrating with your family.  I get why my parents always said it was so much fun watching us do these things.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!  Thanks for reading xo

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