beautiful handmade yarn wall hanging

I love when a diy turns out exactly how you wanted it too, that’s how I feel about this lovely yarn wall hanging that I made the other night.  I wanted something cozy for our living room, and it needed to help even out the space on our main wall.  I already had a large blanket ladder and some frames, so this yarn hanging rounded out the wall perfectly.  I love it!

It couldn’t be easier to make too!  I used two types of yarn (one fluffier than the other for contrast) and a wooden dowel.  I bought the dowel from Michaels, it was $1.50, and the yarn I had on hand (Michaels has a great supply of yarn though).

Simply cut down the dowel to the length you want, and lightly sand the edges.  I stained mine as well.

Then tie some yarn to each side so you can hang it up (this makes it SO much easier to string on the yarn).  I hung mine off the kid’s toy bin lol.

Figure out how long you want the yarn to be.  Each piece will be folded in half, so make sure you cut them long enough.  If you want the yarn strands to hang 10″ long, then cut 20″ long pieces.  Cut out a bunch of them to start.

Then simply loop each yarn strand over the dowel like this:

Bend the loop over the dowel towards you, and pull the yarn tail through the loop.

I kept them slightly loose as I looped them on, in case I needed to move them around or add colours in between.  I did a mix of dark and light grey yarn and a cream coloured yarn.  Then go through and tighten the loops, making sure they are lined up tightly beside each other.

I hung mine up with command hooks over our piano (but you could tie a strand yarn on each end and hang it from that too).

I thought about trimming the ends (you could even them out or cut in diagonally), but in the end I decided to keep it scraggly (I asked this in my insta-stories too and everyone said the rustic ends looked best 🙂 Thanks guys!)

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