a new blog & 3 fun ways to play in the backyard kiddie pool

I couldn’t help it, I changed my blog (again).  Ridiculous, I know… what happened here is when I become pregnant, I turn into Slothy McSlotherson.  So during the first few weeks of this pregnancy, I was super sick and super tired. We’re talking waiting until my 18 month old is up & awake in his crib until I crawled out of my bed and then back in the sack during nap time plus a 7pm bedtime.  I was a waste of space basically, but I WAS GROWING A HUMAN, PEOPLE.

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So along with me beingthemosttiredpersonintheworld, I was pretty queasy and couldn’t handle Instagram or any of the blogs I normally enjoyed perusing.  I just signed off of everything and took a good, much-needed time out.  I snuggled with my baby and went for nice, long walks in my sweats & glasses because I’m a glamorous mom and I just preggo-d out.  During this time, I realized that while I really enjoy blogging, I was feeling so uninspired.  My previous blog was started when my husband was still playing hockey full time and we travelled a ton.  I used blogging as a way to document that, and then after he retired it became more of a home DIY blog.  To be honest though, while I love DIY’ing (I’m working on a really fun bathroom redo right now!), my life is about family and my little one.  I want to share that more as well as fun kids activities, easy DIYs and recipes and just mom stuff.

So this summer has been great!  I’m in my second trimester (5 months pregnant) and we’ve been spending the warm summer days lazing around our backyard, with M playing in his pool.  M’s little pool is actually the lid to his sand table lol, but it gets the job done 🙂

Fun Ways To Play In The Backyard Pool | A Dash Of Mum

We add a little squirt of dish soap to the pool before filling it.  The bubbles are so fun, M loves it!  We also toss in some toys and a little shovel and pail so he scoops up the bubbles and pours them on the grass.

Another fun idea is to introduce ice play.  M is really curious about ice cubes and how cold they get.  He loves to try and squeeze them, watching them slip right out of his hands.  A twist on this would be to freeze little toys in muffin tin ice cubes or add food colouring (which my son also loved).

3 ways to have fun in the backyard kiddie pool

Lastly, set up the sprinkler (I keep it really low so that it’s toddler friendly) and have it facing the pool.  We don’t waste as much water this way, plus its a fun way to get wet.  M loves to fill his little pail with water from the sprinkler and pour it in the pool.

Do you have any fun ideas for sprucing up backyard pool time?  I would love to hear them in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!

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