3 ways to set attainable goals in the new year + my new years resolutions

Happy 2017 everyone!  This was a very pregnant new years for me, I’m over 40 weeks and holding my breath that this baby girl decides she’s ready to come meet us #hellointhere

3 ways to set attainable goals in the new year + my new years resolutions | A Dash of Mum

I love setting new years resolutions and have honed my resolution-setting skills over the years 🙂  It can get a little depressing setting goals and finding them broken by February (haha just me?), so I have some tricks to keep things manageable.

The first thing is to keep it small.  I like setting 3-5 goals, depending on what they are.  These can be big things or small things, but don’t go crazy here or else it can easily get overwhelming.

Next, write it down.  Visualization is huge and seeing the goals you want to achieve can help keep focus throughout the year.  I like to type them up in a list and have it on my desktop page on my laptop.  I also like to write down my goals on some pretty paper and have it posted where I will see it every morning.

Lastly, don’t get too specific.  You don’t want any goals that are too broad either, though.  For example, if you want to save money in 2017, just having ‘save money’ as a goal is far too broad, there are no guidelines or end goal and it can easily fizzle out.  Instead, decide on an attainable amount that you would like saved by the end of the year, and break that down into an approximate amount per month.  Then there are small goals being reached, which feels great to achieve, plus it’s working towards the end goal resolution.

What are your favourite tips for keeping new years resolutions on track?  Share in the comments below!

My New Year’s Resolutions:

1 //  learn modern calligraphy/brush lettering.
I’m looking for an easy mom-friendly hobby to take up and I think something low-key and relaxing like this would be really fun.3 ways to set attainable goals in the new year + my new years resolutions | A Dash of Mum2 //  Start the Kayla BBG 🙂  My sister and I have been talking about doing this workout together.  I’m planning on starting it sometime mid to end of February (first I need to have this baby lol, then give myself enough time to heal and work up a little strength back).

3 //  Get into the habit of taking 10 minutes in the (early) morning to say affirmations and practice some relaxing yoga/meditation.

4 //  Kiel and I have some financial goals that were setting this year as well.

If you feel like sharing some of your New Years resolutions, do so in the comments below, I would love to read them ♥
Happy New Year x

3 ways to set attainable goals in the new year + my new years resolutions | A Dash of Mum

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2 Comment

  1. Ahhh love this post so much Meg 🙂 Also, I love the new “a dash of mum” flower picture at the top <3
    You are motivating me to make some goals as well: 1. Financial goals for this next year 2. BBG with you 3. Become more creative with date nights & doing date nights on a budget

    Love ya, keep up the amazing posts

    1. Thanks! Pumped to start the bbg, and you should definitely share your date nights on a budget ideas xoxo

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